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A double chin is common. It is caused by fat forming below the chin and is also known as submental fat. It can be, but is not always, caused by weight gain but genetics and aging also play a part. Ksenija Selivanova is a qualified face massage expert and blogger. Also a pilates expert, she posts her face yoga tips and tricks on her Instagram account. Recently she detailed three moves to improve the appearance of a double chin.

Ksenija said: “These techniques work on relaxing the overused and tensed muscles located under our chin.

“The tension causes puffiness and fluid retention.”

The first move is to take both thumbs and put them together, palms facing one another and fingers curled in.

Take the tips of both thumbs and place them just underneath the tip of the chin.

Push your thumbs back towards each jaw in a smooth movement, massaging the muscles under the chin.

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“Posture also plays a big role in the appearance of the double chin,” Ksenija said.

This is correct, poor posture weakens muscles in the neck and chin. This causes the skin around the area to lose elasticity when the muscles are not used

Make sure you are sitting at your desk correctly and are not looking down or bending at the neck to look at your screen, phone or books on a frequent basis.

How to get rid of a double chin?

Weight loss

If your double chin is due to weight gain then losing that weight will help to improve its appearance.

Eat a healthy diet full of vegetables and fruit and avoid processed food.

Another face yoga expert detailed her anti-aging face yoga routine for the neck. 

Monna, a certified face yoga coach and cosmetologist, claimed the routine can take you from “turkey neck to swan neck”.

The face expert showed a face yoga technique to create an elegant and long neck.

More and more studies are beginning to support the idea face yoga can make you look younger.



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