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Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Has Relaxing Treatments For Your Hair Pampering Needs

Hustling hard has become the mantra of millennials as we learn to conquer challenges in the workplace as an adult.

And there’s no denying that adulting is tough work. The last source of stress we need is seeing our floors littered with stray hairs as we become deskbound at home during the WFH period.

For those caught in a hairy situation, Beijing 101’s Hair & Scalp Revival Treatment provides customised treatments based on your scalp condition.

Plus, the pampering session, complete with soothing massages, will take away the stresses of the week as you get some peaceful shut-eye while caring for your tresses.

Here’s what you can expect once you’ve made an appointment.

Computerised scalp scan to get to the root of your hair woes

If you’ve tried Googling for shampoos and conditioners to nip your hair woes in the bud, chances are, you’ve asked yourself multiple times, “Am I having hair loss problems?”.

Instead of mulling over the issue endlessly, you can always start with a consultation to see if there’s cause for worry.

Thankfully, the experts at Beijing 101 have got your back and will help get to the root of your hair concerns. And it’s all a simple, fuss-free process.

First, you’ll be comfortably seated in a consultation room and given a brochure that gives you a rundown on the treatment.

Then, it’s time to face the truth—the hair consultant performs a scalp scan, zooming in on the nitty gritty details that will reveal the state of your scalp and follicle health.

Hair & scalp analysis

Common problems detected among many clients include a greasy scalp, clogged pores, or dandruff issues caused by dryness.

Along the way, the consultant asks about your lifestyle habits. Routines such as sleeping patterns, stress levels, and even the nature of your diet could be the source of your problems.

Customised concoctions for specific problems

Based on the analysis, the hair consultant then tailors a treatment that best suits you.

The customised scalp treatment starts …….



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