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SCTS denies clpurposes it ‘therapeutic massages’ courtroom statistics

Revealed 23 November 2021

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) has denied ideas It Might have altered courtroom statistics to make it “seem as if We’re getting by way of the backlog”.

Felony defence solicitor Euan Gosney tweeted on November 19 thOn there “have been approx 60+ abstract trials in Edinburgh Sheriff Court right now – barely a handful ran”. He requested whether or not the SCTS believed it might “environment nicely course of this Quantity of circumstances (safely)” or whether or not it was merely an Try and “therapeutic massage stats making it seem as if We’re getting by way of the backlog?”.

Darryl Love, of Keegan Smith, replied: “I used to be in courtroom 15. My trial was The one One which ran. The primary question was requested at 1540. There have been 13 trials in that courtroom.”

David Storrie, of Thorley Stephenson, said: “Court 12. Pretty A pair of trials Proper down to name. My trial was The one one to run. First question at 3pm. Half heard.”

An SCTS spokesperson informed Scottish Authorized Information, however, thOn there was “no question of any Try and therapeutic massage statistics, nor would there be any objective in making an attempt To take movement”.

They added: “Every month SCTS publishes month-to-month information on exact criminal circumstances by way ofput, information That is absolutely compliant with the code of apply for official statistics.

“This month-to-month workbook reveals the Quantity of circumstances registered, the Quantity of circumstances nameing for trial, the Quantity of proof led trials, the Quantity of circumstances concluded and the forecast Quantity of excellent trials.”

They said: “Edinburgh Sheriff Court safely ran six abstract trial courtrooms, all adhering to strong baseline safety meaconstructives. The loading of circumstances per trial courtroom displays the circumstances recognized by the Crown and defence On the intermediate food regimen as circumstances that have been ready for trial.

“The fact that few circumstances truly proceed to trial on the day Leads to delays and inconvenience For everyone, not least complainers, witnesses and the accused.

“It is important that events put together utterly and effectively Prematurely of intermediate food regimens, And have intermovement with Every completely different. The purpose …….



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