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Do your knees ache after workouts? Or maybe you’re recovering from knee surgery? The Kneeflow massager eases pain and offers preventive care in just 10–15 minutes.

Look after your knee health with the Kneeflow massage therapy device. This knee therapy device uses infrared heat and soft massage airbags, relieving aches and tension on knee ligaments, joints, and cartilage.

Knee pain after working out or playing a sport you love is disheartening. Should you give up your favorite activities just to avoid discomfort and further damage? You might not have to with Kneeflow.

This new knee health gadget offers pain relief and preventive care for your knee through warm, thorough massages. There’s even a magnetic addition that energizes cells and relieves knee fatigue. Let’s see how it works.

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How does this knee massager work?

If you’re new to knee massage therapy, you’re probably wondering how Kneeflow works. According to the company, this gadget relies on a combination of soft massage airbags, infrared light therapy, and magnetic stone therapy.

The infrared heat, in particular, immensely eases stiffness and arthritis pain and improves blood circulation. The warmth actually lubricates the joint, reducing muscle spasms.

Together, all the features help soothe knee pain and energize the knee cells. That way, you feel better after activity and recover more quickly from impact and surgeries.

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Is the heat therapy adjustable?

Heat soothes tense muscles and ligaments. Thankfully, you can choose from 3 heating modes on this device to personalize your therapy.

The low setting reaches 40°C while the medium setting heats up to 50°C. For more intense relief, the high setting goes up to 55°C. Additionally, you can switch between infrared and laser lighting depending on the treatment you’d like.

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Are there any safety features?

This health device has an integrated chip that automatically shuts it down after 15 minutes to prevent …….



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