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To view Europe’s tech scene, as a homogenous, singular entity would be misleading.

It is a network of separate, distinct and highly dynamic tech hubs, as vibrant and diverse as the continent itself, located from Lisbon to Riga, and Stockholm to Milan.

Many of these hubs play host to global behemoths such as Salesforce, Google, and Apple alongside some of the most innovative and fastest-growing start-ups on the planet.

Despite fears of a downturn following the UK’s exit from the European Union, London remains the continent’s undisputed tech hub.

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The city continues to breed new unicorns by the dozen and, according to consulting firm RSM, more than 18,000 new tech firms will start up there in 2021, an increase of 94 per cent on the 2020 level.

Europe’s second city when it comes to tech is Berlin. Some say it is on course to challenge London and New York for growth and scale.

The city’s deep pool of talent, relatively low living costs, and proximity to major industrial centres have made it a magnet for tech entrepreneurs, with local tech sector guide Berlin Startup Map now estimating that the number of tech start-ups in the city has topped 4,500.

Coming in third is, surprising for some, Paris. More famous for haute cuisine and bureaucracy, the City of Light may not have struck many people as an ideal location for new tech enterprises, but massive investment by the French government in recent years has changed that perception. Innovation thrives here.

According to enterprise promotion agency Choose Paris Region, the first fortnight of 2022 saw the birth of three unicorns in the region, more than any other country worldwide.

Furthermore, the Paris tech hub now hosts more than 8,000 start-ups along with the world’s largest start-up campus, Station F.

Exceptional perks and benefits

Those considering a tech job in Europe can look forward to some quite exceptional perks and benefits along with very good salaries.

The first thing to remember, however, is that these do not bear direct comparisons with those enjoyed by tech employees in the US. And there are some marked regional variances as well.

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