Massages, Nutella and coffee – Adrenaline lover Antonio Conte takes us behind scenes at Spurs – Football.London

February 11, 2022 by No Comments

Antonio Conte likes a good head massage to take away the stresses of his manic life as a Premier League manager but don’t expect him to calm down any time soon.

The 52-year-old Tottenham boss has always been a bundle of energy on the touchline during matches and in Wednesday night’s defeat to Southampton he was going through every emotion as his side threw away the lead twice to lost the encounter 3-2.

It was put to him that at one point he even kicked a collection of water bottles.

“Maybe. It wouldn’t be the first time,” said Conte with a big grin. “It has happened many times in the past.

“I think our job brings not just myself but all the coaches, a lot of stress. To stay at this level you have to manage with stress every day. I think this is normal for us and if you don’t want to stress then I think this job is not good for you.

“You have to stay in your house and stay in bed and stay calm eating good tea with biscuits. It’s not my job this. I like to have adrenaline. I find the competition gives me great emotion.

“People have to be worried if I stay calm, because if I stay calm it means maybe I accept the situation.

“It means you accept the situation and you don’t want to fight. Rassegnato is the Italian word (resigned to an unpleasant fate) – you don’t want to fight and change the situation.”

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He added: “Our job doesn’t help us, not Tottenham. United, City, Wolverhampton whoever. This job is not helpful for stress, but you live the game to have this type of emotion and I live for this.

“It is great to stay inside this atmosphere. You are happier when you win, less happy when you draw or lose but it is part of the game. To live this emotion is great for the …….



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