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Practice some caution next time you say ‘yes’ to a massage…

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A Durban father went for a haircut and massage to his local barber and ended up being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.). 

In our books, there are two types of people (that is when it comes to massages), those that absolutely love them and then those that run as soon as they hear the words…

We’re not sure which one you are, but we know that Carol Ofori is pro massage…

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When we came across this story, we thought it was absolutely imperative that we share it with you all. This man innocently agreed to a massage that would “loosen his neck and shoulder muscles”, let’s just say it definitely did ‘knot’ do that…

Wayne Naidoo, a 29-year-old father from Phoenix, went home after his ‘massage’ and started experiencing intense pain in his shoulders, neck, and head. 

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Over and above the pain, Wayne began experiencing slurred speech as well as an eye twitch. Now we’re no experts, but those symptoms certainly sound scary. 

Wayne proceeded to the doctor and a MRI and CT Scan revealed that he had in fact had a damaged nerve in his neck. He is out of I.C.U and will be going for physiotherapy and a check up with a neurosurgeon. 

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