If soreness interrupts your workouts, don’t turn to expensive massages or supplements. The best ways to promote recovery are free, according to a world-record holding powerlifter – Yahoo News

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  • Active recovery means using exercise to improve blood flow and healing without added strain.

  • Research suggests it can ease soreness and improve exercise performance.

  • Good active recovery strategies are walking, concentric work, and light weights, says an expert.

If soreness plagues your workouts, you may not be getting the most out of your rest days.

But don’t turn to expensive massages or supplements first. The best ways to promote recovery are free, according to Stan Efferding, a world-record powerlifter, pro bodybuilder, and coach.

“Things that are done to you or for you are rarely as good as things you do for yourself,” he told Insider.

Active recovery refers to exercises that relieve, rather than exacerbate, fatigue and soreness.

Research suggests it can help reduce soreness and stimulate muscle tissue repair more effectively than passive rest like sitting or lying down.

Done correctly, it can get you back in the gym quicker and prevent injury, particularly when combined with good sleep, proper nutrition, and other recovery work like stretching and foam rolling.

“Ideally, you want a little bit of everything,” Efferding said.

Everyone can benefit from active recovery, but it’s more important the longer you’ve been working out

Efferding said fitness is about more than just how much you lift. “General physical preparedness” refers to your body’s overall capacity to perform tasks involving stamina, coordination, mobility, speed, strength, agility, and skill.

It also includes how quickly you can bounce back from exertion and how soon you’re able to handle more work.

“General physical preparedness is a lot about active recovery,” he said.

Beginner athletes shouldn’t neglect recovery, since a lack of rest can stall gains. While gym newbies can make big gains with even small doses of exercise, they’re limited in how much they’re physically capable of performing. A novice lifter is likely to know right away if they’ve overworked because soreness and exhaustion will force them to stop.

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