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DEAR DEIDRE: I DISCOVERED my husband was having secret ‘massages’ and split up with him, but instead of trying to repair the damage, he expects ‘no strings’ sex.

We’re still living under the same roof and he thinks he can enjoy sex on tap. He’s 45, I’m 42 and we were together for 13 years.


I discovered my husband was having secret ‘massages’ and split up with him

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I’ll admit the lockdown was tough. Spending 24 hours together led to constant bickering. The tension meant sex was the last thing either of us wanted.

As my husband never complained about our sex life, I assumed it was not a big deal to him.

But last week, as I was tidying up our study, I found one of his recent bank statements. There were 15 separate charges for massages.

I was confused. The man hated having a massage. He always said: “Why would you pay £80 an hour to have a stranger stare at your bits and cover you in oil?”

I researched the name of the parlour and got the shock of my life when I realised he hadn’t been visiting a spa but a local brothel.

The thought of another woman touching up my husband made me feel sick.

That night, I confronted him about what I’d found. The worst bit was he didn’t even try to deny it. He said: “Well, you didn’t want to be intimate any more — and I needed to.”

The next day I got a solicitor and filed for divorce.

Due to our finances, neither of us has been able to afford to move out, so we are currently sleeping in separate rooms.

We don’t really speak and try to stay out of each other’s way as much as possible.

But last month I awoke to him opening my bedroom door. He asked if he could get into bed with me. I sent him packing, of …….

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