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January 18, 2022 by No Comments

Ever since it was released back in 2001, Google Groups is used by millions worldwide. It is a platform that allows users to join discussion groups who share common interests.

Last year, some users complained that they were unable to leave some groups which did not ask to join in the first place, leaving many frustrated.

And as if this wasn’t enough, Google Groups users are now saying (1,2,3,4,5) that they are getting several spam messages every day. Many say that the group name sending these messages starts with ‘nmbr-lds-‘.

This is really annoying considering the fact that users are unable to leave or block these groups. Some say that they are flooded with thousands of messages every day.

It is causing their phone battery to drain while others say it is making it hard for them to use their devices. You can see in the image below how annoying the messages are.


I’m getting the same issue with nmbr-lds-06. I’m getting probably around 100 messages per hour. I downloaded signal private message and switched my sms from the default message app. This allowed me to see that it is generating a new group each message… There are different amount of members per message and I can block each individual member but the messages keep coming with new victims being added that I have to block.

I have received 2,000 texts since yesterday, this is ridiculous, please do something about this. I have filed a report with the FTC and will go to the FBI if these harassing texts do not stop. I did not subscribe to this group and these texts are unsolicited. I continue to receive these texts every few minutes, I block those who are on the list but it does noting bc the email address continues to send them. This activity is making my phone useless and despite the absence of a direct threat, they are harassing in nature and should be dealt with accordingly. Please help!

While Google is yet to officially acknowledge the issue, a Gold Product Expert is suggesting that users forward the spam messages to 7726 . They also escalated the issue to the Google Groups team.

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