Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Housekeeper found sex toys, leather costume after Epstein’s massages – Fox News

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Jeffrey Epstein received “up to three massages per day,” his former Palm Beach, Florida, housekeeper recalled of the 12 years he had worked for the financier from 1990 through 2002. Juan Alessi took the stand at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial Thursday to provide insight into Epstein and Maxwell’s alleged dirty secrets and to corroborate victim “Jane’s” story.  

The housekeeper testified that Epstein received “one [massage] in the morning, one in the afternoon and another … after the movies, at 11 o’clock at night.” 

While the employee never witnessed anything that would happen inside the massage room, Alessi would be asked to clean up after Epstein’s massages. Sometimes, Alessi said, he found items on the massage table or on Epstein’s table such as a “large [sex toy].” He recalled “it looked like a huge man’s penis with two heads.” So, he proceeded to put on his gloves, run it underwater, and “put the [sex toy] in Ms. Maxwell’s closet in a basket.” Asked by prosecutors why he would put it there, Alessi replied: “That’s the place where it was kept all the time.” 

The housekeeper also testified to finding “pornographic tapes” and “a black vinyl or leather costume.” 


Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida, waterfront home is at the end of a palm tree-lined street, El Brillo Way. In addition to his Palm Beach home, Epstein owned a house in New York City, a ranch in New Mexico and a private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. 
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Alessi said he would also sometimes be tasked with reaching out to and picking up girls for the massages. Maxwell and Epstein would keep a phone directory next to telephones. Alessi testified he had met “Jane” at the Palm Beach house in 1994 and that she was there several times after that. She appeared to be “14, 15,” he testified.  

Alessi also picked her up at her house to bring her to Epstein’s home and took her once to the airport along with the pair so they could get on Epstein’s private plane. Alessi also remembers “Jane’s” number being on the phone directory.  

“Jane” was one of the two females who “appeared …….



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