Doctor’s simple belly massages soothe newborn’s tummy aches: ‘Why are we not taught this stuff in school?’ – Yahoo Sport Australia

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A doctor showed a mom how to massage her newborn to relieve tummy aches. Now the mother is wondering why this wasn’t common knowledge.

The parent behind the TikTok account @theenchantednanny is a mother of four and a high-profile nanny. When her newborn son became colicky, she took him to “Lucy,” a doctor who had a few tips the mom hadn’t heard of before.

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“Why are we not taught this stuff in school?” @theenchantednanny wrote in the caption.

The newborn baby was lying on the examination table while the doctor massaged his tummy. She gently rocked his belly in a circular motion, then lifted his hips and did a “figure eight” movement to get some stretches in. The baby boy looked completely at ease, like he was practically melting in relaxation.

“I’ve been doing these movements between feeds. He now sleeps, has regular nappies and seems so much happier,” the mom explained.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

The doctor said these kinds of massages could help prevent him from becoming congested in the stomach.

“We took him to see Lucy at 4 weeks old and never looked back. I still do this for him now if he’s ever constipated or gassy. He’s nearly 11 months old, and it still works like a charm,” the mother said.

The video racked up over 11.9 million views on TikTok.

“That kid is living his best life,” one person commented.

“I wish a giant person could grab my torso after meals and do this to me,” someone joked.

“They just make us think babies are difficult and generally uncomfortable, but we’ve not been educated properly on raising them,” another said.

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