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4:15 PM: Chaitu asks Shiva to do some work. Shiva is ready to help Sarayu in cleaning utensils. Sarayu asks him to take rest as he slipped down and hurt his back. Chaitu jokes about Shiva doing some work in the house and wishes to see him doing something, anything. He joins Sarayu in cleaning utensils.

4:00 PM: Ariyana helps Natraj Master to understand that Teju might be hurt over some kind of thing that happened between them. She asks him to sort it out with Teju. He agrees to talk to Teju openly. Akhil stays alone in the garden area. He is quite dull and missing his friends, family.

3:45 PM: For ten minutes, Bigg Boss live feed struck on Natraj master who is sitting alone. He seems to be lost in his deep thoughts. Rest all are having jokes at the expense of the other member. But the day seems to have turned dull with everyone looking to take some kind of rest without mapping.

3:30 PM: Ashu finally wakes up from bed to look at Mithraw and Akhil at Coffee Shop. Chaitu requests Akhil to eat. He says he is not in the mood. Ajay says that they should be ready for Funtastic Friday tasks. Anil hopes for Bigg Boss to give them some nap time. Mithraw joins the boys in Coffee Shop.

3:15 PM: Everybody start to have their lunch. For vegetarians they prepare fried rice. Non vegetarians get Egg Curry. Chaitu seems to be very concerned about everyone eating properly and he is asking everyone to come and eat. Natraj master seems to have confined to cook duty in the house for now.

3:00 PM: Natraj master is busy preparing lunch with Hameeda. Akhil continues his speech directed to his friends asking them to join his parents as guests. He tells them that they shouldn’t feel bad as he found friends here. Chaitu calls everyone for lunch.

2:45 PM: Rice spoils due to Bigg Boss interference. Akhil misses his parents and friends. He asks Bigg Boss to send a photo of his parents or a video of his parents or photo of his friends. He asks him at least bring them as guests. He seems to be really missing them from heart.

2:30 …….

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