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If you’re feeling stressed or anxious or you simply want to reconnect with nature, then the Woodland Wellness Sessions in Darwen might be perfect for you.

Entitled ‘Wild Whispers’, the sessions offer an hour’s experience under the moon in Sett End Woods where you can enjoy a guided meditation in a hammock.

The aim of this is to focus on mental health and wellbeing and using the ‘sounds of the woods’ to ‘build a deeper connection to nature’.

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Louise is the founder of Wild One Adventures, which hosts the event.

Louise said: “I’ve worked in outdoor education for a long time and whenever we’d do a session for the kids, the parents would come into their hammocks so I knew there was a need for something for adults.

“The people that come to our events have such a beautiful energy and they’re just so positive about it.

“We have someone who suffers from SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder] and she told me that this is the first year that she has felt better.

“We are out in the woods whatever the weather, in the rain or shine as it just feels amazing to be outside and to appreciate life, especially when it can feel so fast paced.”

The meditation technique will be the Rose meditation, which comes from the symbolism of the flower, representing the transition of a ‘closed bud’ to a ‘fully open bloom’.

The relaxing meditation will be followed by ‘watching flames dance in the fire pit while you enjoy a warm drink and a freshly toasted marshmallow’.

The session also offers Indian head massages, crystal healing and reflexology.

Crystal healing is a type of alternative therapy, defined as ‘using gemstones to bring balance to an individual’s life and mind’.

Wild One Adventures are an organisation that primarily focuses on encouraging children to enjoy the outdoors, but they also run adult wellness sessions, including the Woodland Meditation event.

The company also offers teepee hire and woodland birthday parties.

Teepees available for hire
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