Dad Learns His Photos Are Being Used to Sell ‘Happy Ending’ Massages on Grindr – VICE

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These photos of Dr. Scott Liptzin were ripped off his Instagram account and used by a scammer offering erotic massages. Photos via Instagram

A “#hungandlegit” physiotherapist posing shirtless with a tub of protein powder appears to be offering naked massage sessions with “happy endings” on Grindr and Instagram—except it’s a scam.

Photos and videos of Dr. Scott Liptzin, a licensed physiotherapist in Hicksville, New York, and straight married father of three, were stolen from his business Instagram account and used by scammers posing as erotic masseurs, including by a guy called “Cams” offering “a body-to-body naked session” that consists of “rimming,” “edging,” and “penetrating” through DMs on Instagram and the gay dating app Grindr.

Last month, a screenshot of an Instagram video of Liptzin treating one of his clients for a shoulder injury were used by Cams’ Grindr with the message, “I don’t want to make love. i want to rub my soul against yours and watch love make us. My ultimate goal is to pleasure and satisfy you using my rubbing skill.”

Liptzin was nonplussed his pics were being used but sympathized with the people being scammed. “Thankfully it doesn’t affect the business and my wife didn’t really care,” Liptzin told VICE News. “It gets me upset that somebody is copying my material for the wrong reasons.” 

Over the past two years, Liptzin has been made aware of seven different accounts of erotic masseurs using his photos. He said some of the Instagram accounts using his pics have more likes and views than his original posts do. “Some had over 7,000 followers and a lot more likes and views,” Liptzin said. “It’s crazy.”

A screenshot from Cams’ Grindr account using Liptzin’s photos.

Liptzin is not the only one who’s had his photos ripped off. Grindr and Instagram users across North America, Europe, and Asia have reported being catfished for …….



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