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Hygiene and cleanliness extend to the hair too. Regular shampoos are a must.

Beauty cannot be achieved in a day. It is the result of regular care and a healthy lifestyle. Read on to know how to pamper your child.

A common dilemma faced by most mothers is whether a child needs a daily beauty ritual or not. And, if yes, how to go about it, what products to choose and so on. A baby’s skin is very sensitive. So, their needs are different too. You cannot use adult beauty products on a baby’s skin. This is also true for young children. But these tiny tots also have their needs. Their skin may flake, they may get dandruff, some may face hair fall and rashes are also common. Don’t worry, here we tell you how to take care of all the beauty needs of your child.

Importance of massage

Babies and young children have tender skin. Needless to say, it should be treated gently, using mild soaps and shampoos. Massaging the skin with oil, before bathing, goes a long way in keeping the skin soft and clean. Actually, baby massage is probably the most important part of baby care. Apart from benefits to the body, massage plays an important role in healthy emotional development. In Ayurveda, massage is considered to be a form of therapy and a way of maintaining the good health of both body and mind. Modern studies also show that massage helps to strengthen emotional bonds and gives the baby a sense of security and mental well-being. The power of touch is a nurturing power and our need for it is great. Touch is said to actually promote emotional well being. Massage has many physical benefits too. In the initial months, the baby hardly has any physical activity. Massage helps blood circulation, muscle tone and growth.

Choose the right oil for massage

The Ayurvedic system advocates the selection of oil according to the season. Olive, coconut and sunflower oils are good during summer, while almond oil and mustard oil are recommended for winter. Sesame seed (til) oil is very popular in Ayurvedic massage in any season. It is said to suit all “doshas.” You can choose any of …….



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